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2011/09/18 · The pure Shot Creator is always a fan favourite of NBA2K players and this year looks to be no different. The high acceleration allows for potentially the fastest first step on any archetype you'll receive, allowing you to quickly find. Allen Iverson – Sharp/Shot Creator open 8 months ago Not exaggerating this build is literally AI. Has 4 HOF, 6 gold badges. 90 on every shooting stat, Tier 3 dribbles, good on ball defense. NBA 2K19 - Shooting Guard - Shot Creator Primary Dual Archetype Chart Badges & Attribute Caps OC MyCAREER Hey guys, heres another badge/attribute chart for you. A seemingly buzzing archetype for 2k19. Made this.

【NBA2k19】SG全ビルド&獲得バッジ一覧~ディフェンダー編~ どうも、レボログです。 今回は、SG全ビルド&獲得バッジ一覧企画最終回。 ディフェンダー編をお届けいたします。 レボログ つまり、この企画自体の最終回ってことです. NBA2K19 Lockdown Defender Playmaking Stretch Five Playmaking Stretch Four Post Scoring Stretch Five Pure Athletic Finisher Pure Playmaker Pure Point Forward Pure Sharpshooter Pure Shot Creator Jump Shot: Custom.

Difficult shots is the one I went for first, very easy to get, just take moving shots, i'm about halfway to HoF. Catch and shoot and Corner specialist will be the next 2 i focus on, these are also easy badges, pretty self explanatory. This can also be run on the SG position if you want a little bit more offense but PG is better for playmaking. At the end of the day, this comes down to personal preference. Screenshot of a Playmaking Shot Creator, 6'4, 175 lbs, 78. Here are the attributes that are unlocked per cap breaker for the SG Pure Shot Creator I recently made. If anyone knows what gets unlocked in the next upcoming cap breakers that would be appreciated. 85-86 1st bar steals ball. I simply cannot decide between an SF Sharpshooting Shot Creator and an SG Pure Shot Creator. The badges are pretty much the sameHOF Shot Creator badges, Gold shooting badges. However, the pure shot creator is better in. Does anyone know at what overall you can get ball control 86 for a 6'4 SG pure shot creator level 2 EphermalLongevity [PSN][USERNAME] Original Poster 2 points · 1 year ago Oof 😂 View entire discussion 27 comments NBA2k.

the badges of sharpshooting shot creator in a lot of ways are very comparable to the pure shot creator and in certain areas a little bit better. 4 hall of fame badges, 5 gold, 8 silver, and 4 bronze, he gets the same hall of fame. 2011/09/18 · We'll now take a look at how you can reach these same great heights as a shooting guard in MyCareer 2K19. 3. Sharpshooting Shot Creator Player Creation: Height - 6'1, Weight - 170 Pounds, Wingspan - 75.5 inches. 2018/09/11 · Slashing Shot Creator Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Lakers Player Creation: Height - 6'4, Weight - 185 Pounds, Wingspan - 77.3 inches An amazing archetype if you don't mind the lower 3pt rating compared to our other two builds.

Many have been playing the early release of the 20th Anniversary Edition, but NBA 2K19 is officially out today for everyone. Every game mode is deep because. Bro the shot creating sharps got like all the pure sharp badges at sg. 2018/12/05 · I think SG is better overall, you have less strength to bully people on defence, but if you can play good defence you'll make up for it. SG opens up a bigger world of mid-long range shooting with their slight bump on shots, I went with a 6'3 SG with slightly shorter arms for better overall shooting while staying true to the slasher type. 2018/10/01 · NBA 2K19: Best Shooting Guard SG Builds and Tips Create a player using the shooting guard SG build to elevate your game to the level of James Harden and beyond. by admin Oct 01, 2018 Oct 01, 2018 59 shares I’ve got a. 2019/03/07 · That about wraps up all of the cap breakers in NBA 2K19. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our expansive wiki. We’ve got tons of other guides to help you out, such as how to alley oop, how to steal the ball, and.


2018/09/11 · NBA 2K19 Player Ratings: Best Shooting Guards SG New rankings bring excitement amongst players of the game and NBA stars alike. Let’s see how this year’s title ranks the top players at the shooting guard SG. 2019/07/17 · I’m thinking about going with either a SG pure shot creator or a SF slashing Shot creator for my final build. Basically want someone who can penetrate, finish at the rim, hit some open shots, and generally just create offense on. Here is the all-in-one, comprehensive, NBA 2K19 Badges Guide which has the complete badge list and charts how to get ALL NBA 2K19 Badges: Skill Badges, Personality Badges, &. Primary Shot Creator / Secondary Finisher Playstyle This is probably more of a Park build, but it is great if you want a guard that can finish a little better than the other two guards. It can speedboost and get contact dunks although it.

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