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2015/03/10 · Convert your pellet gun to a bug-a-salt gun and start assassinating bugs, flies and spiders from a distance without any splatter using just a pinch of salt. Bugs can't escape the salt shrapnel. Your pellet. 2017/10/26 · So I was sitting around today and had the doors open and a few flys came. I thought i wonder if i can make a salt gun to kill them. So after a few moments i decided on this bb gun conversion. BTW this is.

View this video on how the Bug-A-Salt gun works. Table salt is used as a lethal projectile with accuracy range of within 3 feet. Bugs remain whole for easy clean up. Bug A Salt Fly Gun - The Fun Way To Get Rid of Flies! Bug-A-Salt has new and improved upgrades to the salt gun – the Bug-A-Salt 2.0. It has many improvements that make this tool an automatic buy for any house. The first feature. 下記に紹介するのは「BUG-A-SALT」という塩を使って打ち抜くハエ用ショットガンです。 このショットガンはハエ専用のショットガンで散弾銃として使う弾は料理で使う「塩」です。その塩をガンにセットし、フォアエンドでエアを貯め、安全.

2017/09/20 · The Bug-A-Salt gun is a cultural phenomenon that allows folks to hunt bugs with salt. And while the Bug-A-Salt gun is fun, it is a bit on the pricy side for what is a sporadic hobby at best. Watch the above to see how to covert any pellet rifle into a bug killing machine for around $3. Bug-A-Salt has never made fly and insect control more fun. Not only will it eviscerate flies from a good distance, but any other insect or unwanted spiders in the house without harming the surface behind. Great weapon for the wife as. GarageSpot is a place for those who see the garage as a getaway—a place to hang out, fix stuff, tinker and build. We scour the web for the coolest tools, equipment, DIY projects, and other garage-related goodness and bring it all to. I saw the product ad and I thought of Nerf. in principle, the Bug-a-Salt is almost analogous in design to a Nerf gun. If you couple down the barrel to the size of a straw, it might be more powerful since we'd be using modded nerf parts. 2016/11/21 · When you first hear about Bug-A-Salt, the plastic gun that fires a concentrated blast of salt to quickly dispatch household pests, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the genius of it. It’s convenient, humane, and fun.

2017/10/13 · I read several Bug-A-Salt reviews and still wasn't sure if I should purchase it, so I wanted to give the details on how well it works for killing insects inside. The Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Main Features: It’s air powered It shoots granulated table. 2015/02/09 · The Bug-A-Salt 2.0 boasts more power than the original, allowing you to snipe flies accurately at distances of up to three feet. It also releases less salt with each shot than the previous version, so each reload now nets you 80.

2013/06/07 · diy bug a salt gun, diy bug salt gun, diy salt gun, homemade bug a salt, homemade salt gun, how to make bug a salt stronger Springfield XD Forum Forums > XD Talk > XDTalk Chatter Box > Forums Forums Quick Links Gallery. The "Bug-A-Salt" is an ingenious product: A pump action shotgun that kills flies with ordinary table salt! What started as a crowd financing project is now a. Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Pest Eradication Gun The Bug-A-Salt gun was first introduced to us by one of the readers, and out of curiosity we bought one to try [May: it was my youngest son, John’s birthday, so might as well]. Also known as a.

Bug-A-Salt Fly & Bug Salt Gun - Do My Own.

2018/01/30 · This Salt Gun Kills Flies Instantly And It's Just So Damn Satisfying RIP, every single bug in your home. —the Bug-A-Salt Posted on January 30, 2018, 01:01 GMT. TTAG reader VBird sent us this heads-up on the Bug-A-Salt. Note: TTAG has reached out tofor a T&E sample. The lack of response may have had something to do with my suggestion that they should make one with a. Find how you can DIY your own homemade mosquito repellent with natural ingredients. They’re affordable to make, safe to use around the home, and are excellent multi-purpose repellents.

This has allowed more than one of the enemy to unass the AO Or "Bug Out" if you will and return to their home base and bring back reinforcements. To alleviate this threat I modded my Salt Gun by super gluing the safety lever.

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